Your Dedicated Support Team

We have a team of dedicated support for you from both Asset and NIW

Life Sales Specialists

Richard Paskal
Richard Paskal, Life Sales Specialist

Josh Ver Hoeve
Josh Ver Hoeve, VP of Annuity & Life

Dee Costa
Dee Costa, VP Business Consultant

Case Management

Angela Tachiquin
Angela Tachiquin, Case Management

Lindsay Thornhill
Lindsay Thornhill, Case Management

Mia Dempsey
Mia Dempsey, New Business


Lexie Giusti
Lexie Giusti, Senior Marketing Consultant

Jessica Stallings
Jessica Stallings, Marketing Consultant

Your Dedicated NIW Support

Travis Fratini
Travis Fratini, NIW, VP of Sales

Janeen Cooter
Janeen Cooter, Agent Support Manager