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Asset Marketing Systems was the first IMO in the country to hold a preferred designation to NIW Companies offerings.

As a preferred partner, Asset has unlimited access to the NIW products, services, updates, webinars, marketing, and private trainings and events. To understand more of the offerings, please contact us now to learn how you can gain access to this industry changing retirement strategy. Don't settle with a plan for everyone.

Gain access now to the Kai-Zen Strategy and start ascending your business to new heights.

Leveraged Retirement Strategy

What is Kai-Zen?

What Is Kai-Zen?

If your client wants to maintain their lifestyle in retirement, they need a proactive strategy that puts more money toward protecting their future income without putting a drain on their current finances. The Kai-Zen strategy uses leverage to help acquire more of the benefits needed to financially protect themselves and their family. Its unique fusion of financing and life insurance offers more protections and the potential to earn up to 60% more for retirement than one could obtain without leverage.

What is Kai-Zen?

How It Works

By using bank financing, the Kai-Zen strategy allows your clients to reap incredible benefits while staying within their contributory means. Much like the process of using a bank mortgage to leverage assets to purchase a home; money is borrowed to buy more house (or with Kai-Zen, more benefits) than one could purchase with assets on hand. The amount funded into the policy has the potential for market growth without the risk of market losses due to declines in an index and uses the policy's cash value as the sole collateral for the loan.

What is Kai-Zen?

Kai-Zen vs. Self-Funding

Compare Kai-Zen to what your clients could afford using their own money. With Kai-Zen, your clients are getting a life insurance policy with a larger death benefit, more living benefit protections, and the potential for even more cash accumulation without the risk of losses.

What is Kai-Zen?

Is this Strategy Right For Your Clients?

When deciding whether a financed insurance solution is right for your client, it is important to understand how the strategy performs in various market conditions. The future is unknown, but looking at the past uncovers some common patterns we can use to our benefit to plan for the future.


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