Your Success
is our purpose.

Our mission is to cultivate a thriving community of advisors who resonate with our values and share a deep commitment to integrity. We are dedicated to creating a culture of sharing, collaboration, and care.

Not Just Another FMO

Our legacy originated with our founder, Rick Metcalfe, the first to seize the opportunity to help independent advisors out-perform their own expectations.

A pioneer in the industry, Rick invited his trusted advisors to learn firsthand at his seminars. Today, that legacy is carried on and continuously growing with our CEO, Jennifer Schendel.

With over 20 years of experience, Asset was built with a foundation of trust and care. Rick brought advisors in to nurture their success and learn from each other's business challenges and triumphs. Together, our culture of sharing is brought to you, the advisor.

Our Guiding Principles

These values serve as our cultural cornerstones and guide us daily in our actions, decision-making process, and interactions with our employees and clients.








How Asset Brings Value

For over two decades, the Asset team has been a source of safety in an everchanging market. With a culture rooted in sharing, collaboration, and teamwork—the foundation of our success is through the relationships we have cultivated, the businesses we have grown, and the retirements we have helped flourish.

As our world continues to change and adapt, so will we. With new and unique marketing services, business strategies and product options, the Asset team can take you into the future— while still staying true to our goal to protect and preserve the relationships we've built.

Are We A Good Fit?

Before we can begin helping your business production reach new heights, we want to make sure that we are the right FMO for you and your needs as a financial advisor. Contact us today, and let's talk.